Autism Awareness WA

These Early Interventions can Make a Big Difference for Children With Autism

Autism - Your Kid Can Still Have a Happy Life-05Parents will often not recognize it, or will refuse to do so, but more and more children today are suffering from some form of a neural disorder known as autism. According to the survey, done by the Center for Disease Control, 1 out of 88 children is diagnosed with some form of autism. I know that these are alarming news, but I thought that it is necessary to know it.

Fortunately, times are better now for children with autism and their parents. Where a decade  ago, parents of those children had to pay for expensive private tutors, who would work with their kid individually, more often without much success, today, the society itself knows just how big this problem really is and is striving towards helping the children and their parents in this difficult situation. And only 10 years ago, autism was falsely taught to be a learning disorder.

Today, however, this disorder can be quickly and rightly diagnosed, which will be of extreme help to both the parents and the children. Early diagnose of autism is the key for those children to be able to live normal lives and to be involved in socializing with other people, especially their friends or with his parents.

Here are some of the early signs of autism:

- A child does not engage in pretend play, he or she is having difficulties making and eye-to-eye contact, doesn’t like to be cuddled, doesn’t relate to others…

- He or she often repeats certain actions, over and over as well as certain words that are

spoken to him or her.

- Very rarely respond to their own name.

These early signs can often be hidden, and while I am not suggesting that you should look for them everywhere, at least keep your mind opened to the possibility that there might be something wrong with your kid and that he is not only shy like you think.

By finding these early signs and dealing with them quickly, before they develop, there is a much greater chance that your kid will develop normal social and communication skills. This can often be difficult for the parents, but children who are getting the necessary education and support at some of the vital stages will start to react much better towards their surrounding. Parents as well, will find this extremely important, as they will learn how it is best to help them.

Autism - Your Kid Can Still Have a Happy Life-04Today, there are many organizations that can help you in case your child is suffering from autism. For instance, enrolling your son or daughter into a summer camp, where they can interact with other kids can be extremely helpful. This can often be expensive, but it is the best way to help your children and I don’t think that there is any price that a parent should not be willing to pay in order to help his kid.

Realizing that your kid is suffering from autism can be hard, but it is the first step towards helping him or her.

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